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Founder & MD, Sancheti Classes

SANCHETI CLASSES – Established in 2000


Hello students, parents and our well-wishers, since 2000 SANCHETI CLASSES has been received, your blessings and full heartfelt support. In the same regard we wish to enjoy this till infinite eternity. SANCHETI CLASSES are getting more and more professional, and adapting to new changes indicated in educational pattern, which made our lectures best coaching classes for 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and one of the Top 10 IIT JEE Coaching Classes in Pune.  SANCHETI CLASSES have most experience staff and total free high interactivity zone between teachers and students, which makes us proud of our skills and techniques.

SANCHETI CLASSES adopt unique techniques such as inspirational talk to develop interpersonal skills, and inspire healthy brotherhood and competition aim & maxim. Your dreams keep you awake and risen if you are directed towards them by ability, and a high motivation. SANCHETI CLASSES is your dream motivator.


Sancheti Classes

It is one of the most wonderful feelings to be able to do what you love to do and when work is nothing But passion! Our consistent growth since 2000 has further fueled us to do better so that all students can inspire enough to achieve their academic goals. Our experienced teachers pay close attention to each and every student to help their students progress and quality. , which is why our coaching classes are best in Pune. Whatever be the standard, our classes are best coaching classes in Pune for schooling and college students. Additionally, our entrance exams classes like JEE, NEET are also best coaching classes in Pune for JEE and best coaching classes in Pune for NEET.    

Sancheti Coaching Classes play a vital role, from school to college students. In our coaching class, we teach in detail, how to organize the study in a more organized way. Compared to your school or college, we care about your academic progress and are working hard. We not only take the exam, but also make you aware of the exact time required to complete the question paper. We also give you an idea of the career opportunities available in different fields.

As per the syllabus we have pre-planned strategy so, we can provide you with every step-by-step notes that will help you with your exam.


Founder’s Message

“Each student is with
Nuclear Potential, we only guide the
Nuclear Energy to its Target”

As Being In Teaching Profession Since 2000, It Has Been Observed That Potentially Students Scoring In Between 65% To 85% Have Same Intelligence, Only They Differ In Applying Their Knowledge Which They Acquire While Practising, Which The Low Scorer’s Lack, Hence Special Efforts Are Taken To Promote Inter Personal Skills By Solving Maximum Question Papers.

In same regard “We as a part of entire team has devised special educational programs”. We concentrate and develop basic fundamentals by clear explanation and with plenty examples, once these fundamentals specially relating to language problems and science along with mathematics are explained and thus clear their doubts, than 9th is taken for developing competitive exams as it is base of 11th and 12th. Sancheti classes have developed separately for 10th, highly competitive scoring notes & plenty solving questions, based on past experience.

Founder & MD, Sancheti Classes
(A Passionate Educationist Dedicated to Provide Quality Education to Students since 2000)

Best Coaching Classes In Pune

About the Founder

• Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Society of NLP, USA.
• Serving education since 2000.
• His miraculous motivational talks create a joyful learning environment and each student is inspired to perform.
• Passionate and Dedicated to provide Quality Education to students.
• He believes that every child is unique.
• He understands the learning style of students and teaches accordingly.
• His social consciousness makes him special in this industry.

Benefits and Features

Benefits of Students
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Growth in percentage marks

Encouraged to ask doubts

Personal attention to resolve issues in studies

Appreciation in schools

Increased interest in studies
Benefits of Parents
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Value for money

Proud feeling in society

Reduces tension about kids’ growth

Healthy relation with kids

Appreciation in school
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Well-trained, experienced and dedicated Teachers

Joyful learning environment

Convenient batch timings

Regular tests on each subject

Providing high quality education


It is true that every child is nature’s gift with unique ability. It is scientifically proven that 65-90%students have same IQ with the difference in their practice , presentation and patience. do work on it.


Positive communication with student is the culture in the institution which increases the student interest ,focus in study and helps them to grow in academics as well as in personal life.


Open minded attitude is developed in the students to remain balanced in every situation. Motivational lecture ,spiritual stories help to bring changes in them and students become mentally strong.


Each student is unique so we mold them into a very good personality by counseling, encouraging, motivating, help them to overcome all the obstacles in their path and become a winner.

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Every parent wants their children to go on a path of prosperity, and therefore, we do their best to ensure that students have a good career. It is because of your faith that Sancheti Classes have reached the best and most important in Pune today. As it provides the best of the facilities to the students in terms of study materials, e-books, mock tests and a comprehensive method of assessment with solutions. Choose the right coaching class to make your career on top level. To join our coaching class contact us today, we are one of the top coaching classes in Pune to get the score you want

What We Offer

In today’s fast, busy and challenging world, right knowledge is very essential. SANCHETI CLASSES offer a right knowledge in correct and simplest way which will be easy for students to educate.

SANCHETI CLASSES is the best coaching institute in PUNE for the preparation of IIT-JEE, Pre-Medical, NEET-UG, Pre Foundation Class 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th,12th (Science & Commerce). SANCHETI CLASSES Institute is well regarded for the high-quality entrance exams preparation and produces best results year after year

At SANCHETI CLASSES, we focus our attention on building a strong foundation of knowledge and concepts for student success and provide a great platform for preparation for competitive exams and board level education. We help each student fulfill their career goals and dreams.

Our highly qualified and experienced faculty are committed to the overall success and progress of the students, and provide auxiliary campus to contribute to their social, cultural, educational and holistic development

Regular Classes

Students who attend class regularly never feel overwhelmed by the pressures of study.

Students At Sancheti Classes

Comfortable Classrooms

The classroom should be an entrance into the world, not an escape from it.