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The Joint Entrance Examination, which is shortly called JEE. It is one of the toughest and prestigious engineering entrance examinations in India. It will assess the students to get seats into Engineering Colleges that are located in India. It is conducted in two stages namely JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, where students are necessary to pass the both examinations to get rank.
If you are the one who is aspiring to get into any top engineering colleges in India, and are not able to take the coaching classes due to financial, location, or any other problems, then this article will help you to learn how to prepare for JEE without coaching.

Taking more about the process of JEE Examination

      • JEE Mains consists of 2 papers namely Paper-I and Paper-II, both papers are framed with multiple choice questions and Paper-I is tested for the entrance into B.Tech and B.E course whereas; Paper-II is tested for the entrance into B.Arch and B.Planning courses.

      • Once you pass the JEE Mains, you are allowed to appear for JEE Advanced. If you pass, then you are able to get into IIT, and other top colleges. It consists of Multiple Choice Questions, Numerical Questions.

    It is one of the dreams for a lot of students to get admission into IIT, NIT, etc. Go through the whole article to learn how to prepare for JEE without coaching.

    1. Use Online Sources

    how to prepare for JEE Mains at home

    You need some sources to prepare for JEE Mains cum JEE Advanced without coaching classes. Information on Online may now be accessed extremely easily to everyone. You can explore several websites that offer instructional content and study resources on digital devices. You can find a number of PDFs for every subject. These will increase your knowledge and help you pass the tests with a higher grade. So, checkout the best online sources for JEE and start referring to them today.

    2. Refer The Suggested Books By Experts

    How To Prepare for JEE

    This is one of the factors you need to consider while checking how to prepare for JEE without coaching. The foundation for JEE starts with choosing the books so, always prefer the books that are suggested by the Experts. Create a solid foundation of ideas and theories with the basic books like NCERT, even expert classes would ask you to refer them. You should be aware that the JEE Main exam is based on NCERT textbooks also. A crucial component of JEE preparation is having a solid understanding of the material. Once you are done with this, go for other books that are second priority.

    3. Solve Question Papers

    how to prepare for IIT JEE

    Along with studying, it is also crucial to practice the JEE previous year’s exam questions or model papers. The Internet will help you to download question papers too. These types of activities help the students to boost their problem-solving capabilities. Online JEE questions and answers of past years are readily available to students, which are by top websites. If you are learning any concept by online classes or learned by your own, then attend the online mock tests or solve previous papers on that topic.

    4. Revise Your Performance

    Revise Your Performance

    Once you completed or worked on the previous years of JEE Mains or JEE Advanced questions papers, your next task is to revise your performance. Yes, your knowledge will help you to solve the questions but what about the remaining questions that you are not attending. So, note down the concepts that you are not able to answer and work on them, which we call as revising the performance. Make sure your performance is increasing from time to time while aspiring for JEE (Both or Either JEE Mains and JEE Advanced).

    5. Start Being Disciplined

    Yes, it is not so easy to stick to good habits and while working on your performance, your confidence will start to decline, which will create disturbance in your daily activities so, be mindful enough about it. Even though your performance is not good in JEE preparation, make sure you are working for what you aimed for.

    6. Make Short Notes

    How to prepare for JEE Advanced

    Along with these suggestions, making short notes is also another highly recommended thing for you. Whenever you are reading any topic, make sure you are making short notes that consist of important facts, shortcuts, simple diagrams, and formulae. These short notes are useful before the exam. Before a few days of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced Examination, you can revise these short notes.

    7. Work On Your Weakness

    Yes, you read it correctly. While working on your aims, it is important to know about your weaknesses and work on them to overcome them. For example, you are good at all the subjects except one, which is in Chemistry Subject, which is one of the important subjects in the examination. So, it is important to allot more time to that topic in Chemistry and get perfect in it. There are many examples that will follow up, so make sure you are also focusing on your weaknesses and fixing them to get a good rank.

    8. Try Exercising

    How to prepare for JEE Mains

    Along with academics, it is also important to focus on your other activities too. Always keep a positive outlook on life, which would be able to happen by physical exercise. Physical Exercise Keeps your mind positive and active always. You will have periods of low motivation, which can be fixed by daily exercise. Being in a relaxed mood is facilitated by a good diet and regular exercise. Avoid wasting time online and watching TV instead, focus on physical activities.

    Hope all these 8 factors on how to prepare for JEE without coaching helped you as you expected. All the best!

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