What is your child’s learning challenge?

Challenge in Languages: Marathi, Hindi, English

Sancheti Solution: 

• Reading & Repetition of Chapters with Teachers

• Writing Skills Practice• Grammar in-depth understanding and practice

• Digital Learning• Practice Tests Challenge in Mathematics: Algebra, Geometry Sancheti Solution: 

• Basic Rules Practice • Focus on Fundamentals 

• Teaching Style – Basics to Advanced • Group Study • Regular Homework & Tests

 • Creating InterestChallenge in Science Sancheti Solution: 

• Oral Practice & Learning

• Repetition of Topics

• Joyful Learning Environment

• Tests & Problem Solving• Question Paper Practice

• Presentation Tech. Challenge in Social Science Sancheti Solution: 

• Group Discussion 

• Relating the Dates • Keywords 

• Revision Sessios

 • Meaning of Tough Words

 • Question Paper Practice 

• Building Interest through Creative Teaching


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(A Passionate Educationist Dedicated to ProvideQuality Education to Students since 2000)

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