Frequently Ask Questions

Sancheti sir laments on child development and its psychology

Q. What is the role of parents in child life?

A. As a teacher with years of experience at Sancheti Classes, I would say first school and last school of learning ethics is one’s home, so parents occupy pivotal position in house hence parenthood is most important aspect in child’s development activity.

Q. Parents who do not have time to look after their children generally are at receiving ends of critical comments round about?

A. Yes I agree as teacher such parents are left out by self-pitting, but if you ask me I too am a parent and working fulltime teacher, but as part of parenthood I dedicate certain time every day, may be anone hour or so plus take interest in what my child does in day to day life, it seems since these dialogues encourage children a lot and keep them on track also formulates relationship bonding which is most important factor.

Q. What parents are supposed to do when children avoid them always?

A. As children grow they not only grow with physical differences but also with mental abilities, as they reason out their relationship also derive soft corners within parents, generally mother takes side of male born, father takes soft corner towards girl child. At this time parents must not draw line to attract their offspring’s by their greatness in educating “them at cost of high sense of sacrificing own needs or their poverty versions as they suffered” on the contrarily, but associate with children age and allow him/her comfort.

Q. What tips must parents adopt to promote children in positivity and education creativity?

A. Many parents still overlook nutrition which is must for children to grow.

• They must eat sprouts and drink healthy milk with ample protein.

• Dry fruits at least 50 mgs soaked in water.

• Must develop interest in outdoor sports which allows over all personality development.

• Healthy competition to develop a free stress zone has to be developed.

• Not comparison but self-estimating model research.

• Better communication in house ,must not involve financial discussions infront of children.

• Parents must give space to their children’s.

• Parents must at least spend quality time on dinner, discuss topics of general awareness and current topics.

• Parents must try to promote their children with important decisions in family.

• Parents must make their children as role model and see the differences

• A day out fortnight is must

Q. Sir, my child was very clever till 6th STD, but collapsed after changing the school, is it because new school, new surrounding or methodology of teaching different please answer my question?

A. Please re-examine these sentences and if so apply in your change of office, you to find award many times to open up in new surroundings and are under social implied pressures, same is the case here, nothing unusual about it, if you find so make a point to visit his/her school regularly till his/her fear does not settle or till he/she gets comfortable.

Q. Sir, my child feels loss of stamina, when he/she comes from school is not at all interested to do the home work, on the same enjoys punishments at schools, also hides progress report very often?

A. Yes madam if he/she are feeling low due to summer quite possible supplement them with C vitamin powder ,but he/she disobeys the school teachers order and takes delights in punishments than its quite alarming you make seek an psychologist opinion on same.

Q. Sir my neighbor’s daughter was in your class and they told me about your efforts in making their both children successful in life can you make my children like them as all praise their children everywhere?

A. Thank you madam for allowing me to refer my old students this has been very kind part of my well-wishers that they praise me but if you’re here with comparing ex-students with your children I would say that’s not fair as everyone is unique and he/she can prove it with little efforts as my ex-students did so I am glad you examined the history of my class and also proud of all students who made my vision into possibility. I accept your children in my classes and allow them to make us all proud. You can check OUR RESULTS to know more about us.